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In this paper, we consider the problem of distributed parameter estimation in imperfect environments for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). By imperfect environments, we refer to distortions that can be caused by sensor noise, quantization noise and channel effect. A novel statistical model is proposed to quantify these errors in WSNs. The first and second(More)
Point to point mm-wave radio links are being increasingly deployed because of the expansion of commercial wireless services. Providers of wireless services continue to demand systems with higher data rate and higher carrier frequency. In order to fulfill the demand unlicensed mm-wave bands have been investigated for fixed point-to-point outdoor radio(More)
Based on the stochastic delay differential equation (SDDE) modeling of neural networks, we propose an effective signal transmission approach along the neurons in such a network. Utilizing the linear relationship between the delay time and the variance of the SDDE system output, the transmitting side encodes a message as a modulation of the delay time and(More)
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