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—For wireless ad hoc or sensor networks, non-flooding, guaranteed delivery routing protocols are preferred because of limited energy. In this paper we introduce TCGR, a tree cover based geographic routing protocol for wireless networks. We assign to each node a set of short labels such that nodes are embedded in a metric space induced by one or multiple(More)
—Web services are very prevalent nowadays. Recommending Web services that users are interested in becomes an interesting and challenging research problem. In this paper, we present AWSR (Active Web Service Recommendation), an effective Web service recommendation system based on users' usage history to actively recommend Web services to users. AWSR extracts(More)
Keywords: Compact routing Power-law Name-independent Stretch Routing a b s t r a c t Compact routing intends to achieve a good tradeoff between routing path length and storage overhead, and is recently considered as a main alternative to overcome the fundamental scaling limitations of the Internet routing system. It is generally believed that specialized(More)