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Nitrite-dependent anaerobic methane oxidation (n-damo) is performed by "Candidatus Methylomirabilis oxyfera" (M. oxyfera), which connects the carbon and nitrogen global nutrient cycles. In the present study, M. oxyfera-like bacteria sequences were successfully recovered from Yellow River Estuary sediments using specific primers for 16S rRNA and pmoA genes.(More)
There are close exchanges between sediment and water in estuaries; however, the patterns of prokaryotic community assembly in these two habitat types are still unclear. This study investigated the bacterial and archaeal abundance, diversity, and community composition in the sediment and the overlying water of the Yellow River estuary. Notably higher(More)
The development of novel therapeutic strategies for glioma requires the identification of molecular targets involved in malignancy. Pygopus (Pygo) is a new discovered and specific downstream component of canonical Wnt signaling. Our previous study has demonstrated that Pygo2 is highly expressed in and promotes the growth of glioma cells. However, the role(More)
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