Mingcheng Qu

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User-Interactive Question Answering (QA) communities such as Yahoo! Answers are growing in popularity. However, as these QA sites always have thousands of new questions posted daily, it is difficult for users to find the questions that are of interest to them. Consequently, this may delay the answering of the new questions. This gives rise to question(More)
Social annotations on a Web document are highly generalized description of topics contained in that page. Their tagged frequency indicates the user attentions with various degrees. This makes annotations a good resource for summarizing multiple topics in a Web page. In this paper, we present a tag-oriented Web document summarization approach by using both(More)
Online advertising has now turned to be one of the major revenue sources for today's Internet companies. Among the different channels of advertising, contextual advertising takes the great part. There are already lots of studies done for the keyword extraction problem in contextual advertising for English, however, little has been conducted for Chinese,(More)
In order to solve that the energy was seriously wasted in cloud computing, an algorithm of energy consumption optimization for cloud computing based on the task tolerance (ECCT) was proposed. The concept of the task tolerance was put forward in the algorithm. The resource utilization of cloud computing node was maximized through increasing the task(More)
Parallel data transmission based on multi-copy can enhance transmission speed and ensure the QoS of data grid greatly. The status of network and replica node, the distance of replica node, the time and bandwidth of service requester will directly affect service cost. How to take the above factors into account, so as to provide basis for node selection and(More)
With the booming development of the Web, popular Chinese forums enable people to find experienced customers' reviews for products. In order to get an all-around opinion about one product, users need to go through plenty of web pages, which is time-consuming and inefficient. Consequently, automatic review mining and summarization has become a hot research(More)
Road-based directional broadcast protocols are proposed in the literatures to offset efficiency of message dissemination of traditional broadcast protocol in urban vehicular ad hoc networks. However, these protocols cannot provide enough reliability and efficiency for vehicles’ misclassification at intersection or on straight road. Therefore, we present(More)
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