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BACKGROUND With goal of improving fat graft survival, many studies have focused on supplementing cells in the graft fat. In these studies, enhanced vascularization is considered the most important mechanism for the improved graft survival. Endothelial cells (ECs) are essential in vessel formation of the vascularization. Therefore, in this study, we(More)
Adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) can differentiate into multiple cell lineages and favor adipogenesis rather than osteogenesis. Because the extracellular matrix (ECM) component of the stem cell niche is important in stem cell differentiation, we hypothesized that ECM produced by human bone marrow stromal cells (BM-ECM) could enhance the osteogenic(More)
The effect of focal adhesion kinase (FAK) on suppressing scarring and the potential molecular mechanism underlying it has been investigated. Ten samples of human hypertrophic scars (HS) tissue cultured in vitro were transfected with FAK siRNA mediated by liposome. Quantitative real-time PCR was used to detect the expression of integrin α, transforming(More)
Impressive results in patient care and cost reduction have increased the demand for systems-engineering methodologies in large health care systems. This Report from the Field describes the feasibility of applying systems-engineering techniques at a community health center currently lacking the dedicated expertise and resources to perform these activities.
Topology optimization problem, which involves many design variables, is commonly solved by finite element method, a method must recalculate structure-stiffness matrix each time of analysis. OC method is a good way to solve topology optimization problem, nevertheless, it can not solve multiobjective topology optimization problems. This paper introduces an(More)
OBJECTIVES In order to explore the molecular mechanism of hydrocortisone in keloid tissue, the gene expression profiles of keloid samples treated with hydrocortisone were subjected to bioinformatics analysis. METHODS Firstly, the gene expression profiles (GSE7890) of five samples of keloid treated with hydrocortisone and five untreated keloid samples were(More)
Bin Packing problems have been widely studied because of their broad applications in different domains. Known as a set of NP-hard problems, they have different variations and many heuristics have been proposed for obtaining approximate solutions. Specifically, for the 1D variable sized bin packing problem, the two key sets of optimization heuristics are the(More)
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