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Perceptual learning is associated with experience-based changes in stimulus salience. Here, we use a novel procedure to show that learning a new association between a self-label and a neutral stimulus produces fast alterations in social salience measured by interference when targets associated with other people have to be selected in the presence of(More)
Steel-concrete composite wall is a novel composite structure composed of thin sheet steel outer skin filled with light weight concrete. The composite wall panel can be used as bearing member and also as maintenance structural plate, which can satisfy functional requirement of building including bearing capacity, heat insulation and preservation. As a(More)
a copy to be downloaded by an individual for the purpose of research and private study only. The thesis may not be reproduced elsewhere without the permission of the Author. Abstract Each year, the world's top orange producers output millions of oranges for human consumption. This production is projected to grow by as much as 64 million in 2010 and so the(More)
The salient self: the left intraparietal sulcus responds to social as well as perceptual-salience after self-association' Cerebral Cortex, vol 25, no. 4, pp. 1060–1068. General rights When referring to this publication, please cite the published version. Copyright and associated moral rights for publications accessible in the public portal are retained by(More)
We report two experiments showing that dynamically orienting our own face facilitates the automatic attraction of attention. We had participants complete a cueing task where they had to judge the orientation of a lateralized target cued by a central face that dynamically changed its orientation. Experiment 1 showed a reliable cueing effect from both self-(More)
iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my advisor and committee chair, Dr. Nancy Maushak, for her continuous guidance, encouragement, and support throughout this effort. She has been an incredibly wonderful mentor and friend to me. I am grateful to Dr. Steven Crooks, for his inspirations, insights, and support, without which the practical implementation(More)
The ability to select visual targets in hierarchical stimuli can be affected by both perceptual saliency and social saliency. However, the functional relations between the effects are not understood. Here we examined whether these two factors interact or combine in an additive way. Participants first learnt to associate geometric shapes with three people(More)
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