Ming-qiu Tan

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In a previous paper, the model of a floating top segment was proposed and used successfully to calculate the field enhancement factor as well as the field distribution on the top surface for a single carbon nanotube (CNT). In this paper, the model is extended to a CNT array. A set of modified linear charge equations has been derived for the CNT array using(More)
The new oxyselenide La(2)Co(2)Se(2)O(3), containing Co(2)O square-planar layers, has been successfully synthesized using solid-state reactions under vacuum. The compound crystallizes in space group I4/mmm with lattice parameters a = 4.0697(8) A and c = 18.419(4) A. Magnetic susceptibility measurements indicate an antiferromagnetic transition at(More)
Incompressible viscous, uniform flow past two parallel cylinders of equal diameter at a critical gap spacing g∗ = 0.90 to 1.10 is investigated using the viscous cell boundary element method. In this critical flow zone an irregular interchange of in-phase and anti-phase wake flows is observed and the switching mechanism between the states is investigated.(More)
The adsorption and diffusion of oxygen on Ru(0001) surfaces as a function of coverage are systematically investigated by using density functional theory. A high incorporation barrier of low-coverage adsorbed oxygen into the subsurface is discovered. Calculations show that the adsorption of additional on-surface oxygen can lower the penetration barrier(More)
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