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—In this paper, a highly automatic facial expression recognition system without choosing characteristic blocks in advance is presented. The system is able to detect and locate human faces in image sequences acquired in real environments. To achieve efficient facial expression recognition, we evaluate the performance of three different classifiers using(More)
As a configuration software system for industrial monitoring and controlling, YSS2000 is implemented. It consists of three subsystems for effective and convenient usage. For compatibility to different device types, the device configuration subsystem provides message format configuration and variable configuration. For high real-time, reliability, stability(More)
This paper discusses teaching reform ideas in the “scientific computing” education by means of modeling and simulation, that can make students get a better understanding of the background, concept and design of each numerical algorithm in “scientific computing” education, and it will help them enhance their self-learning(More)
Balanced Scorecard (BSC) has been widely applied in a number of companies and non-profit organization. This paper analyzes the feasibility of the BSC for Independent College, and builds a new performance management system based BSC for independent college teacher. The new system sets strategy as the fundamental point, according to the four-dimensional(More)
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