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[Relationship of MPO and NQO1 gene polymorphisms with susceptibility to acute leukemia].
It is concluded that the MPO and NQO1 gene polymorphisms are associated with susceptibility to AL and the AL risk may decrease in patients carrying MPO (G-463A) mutant gene (GA/AA), while the Al risk may increase in patientscarry NQo1 (C-609T) mutant genes (TC/TT). Expand
[Relation of GSTP1 and CYP2E1 polymorphisms with susceptibility to acute leukemia].
It is concluded that the GSTP 1 gene is related with susceptibility to AML, the AL risk for persons with lle/Val + Val/Val of GSTP1 gene decreased, while CYP2E1 gene is not related to susceptibility to AL, and the AML risk for people in combination of GSTp1 wildtype with CYP1 hybrid and mutant genotype can be further decreased. Expand
A novel mutation in SPTA1 identified by whole exome sequencing in a Chinese family for hereditary elliptocytosis presenting with hyperbilirubinemia
It is suggested that simultaneous whole exome sequencing of causative genes of all family members is a useful strategy to identify pathogenetic mutations for hereditary RBC membrane disorders, mainly in cases with an ambiguous phenotype. Expand
[JAK2V617F mutation in the patients with myeloproliferative disorder and its relation with clinical characteristics].
JAK2V617F mutation is more frequent in BCR-ABL negative patients with MPD, the AS-PCR method is sensitive and specific for detection of the mutation and may successfully use in clinical examination. Expand
[Clinical Characteristics of 223 Chinese Patients with Hemophilia in A Medical Center of Gansu Province in China].
The accurate level of diagnosis rate for hemophiliacs in Gansu province is low, the delay time of diagnosis is longer, the ratios of complicated joint hemorrhage, total accumulative joint deformity were high, HCV infection rate is also high. Expand
[Paget's disease of bone: a case report and literature review].
[Effect of Emodin Combined with AZT on the Proliferation and the Expression of BCL-2, NF-κB, TGF-β in the Leukemia Stem Cells-KG-1a cells].
Empodin combined AZT can synergistically inhibit the proliferation, induce cell apoptosis, and down regulate the expression of NF-κB, BCL-2 and TGF-β mRNA and proteins in the CLSC. Expand
Identification of mast cells as a candidate significant target of immunotherapy for acute myeloid leukemia.
The study showed that mast cell was correlated with survival time of patients with AML, and 135 genes were screened to be related with mast cells, and 6 hub genes were identified via PPI network and 3 potential small molecule drugs were screened for being related to regulating the mast cell-related gene expression via CMap database. Expand
Higher red blood cell distribution width at diagnose is a simple negative prognostic factor in chronic phase-chronic myeloid leukemia patients treated with tyrosine kinase inhibitors
The RDW is a readily available prognostic marker of outcome in patients with CML-CP and can predict treatment response to TKIs and is an adverse predictor of OS and PFS. Expand