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We have developed pLink, software for data analysis of cross-linked proteins coupled with mass-spectrometry analysis. pLink reliably estimates false discovery rate in cross-link identification and is compatible with multiple homo- or hetero-bifunctional cross-linkers. We validated the program with proteins of known structures, and we further tested it on(More)
Exposure to ozone, which is a major component of air pollution, induces a form of asthma that occurs in the absence of adaptive immunity. Although ozone-induced asthma is characterized by airway neutrophilia, and not eosinophilia, it is nevertheless associated with airway hyperreactivity (AHR), which is a cardinal feature of asthma. Because AHR induced by(More)
The human interface of a Caterpillar 325FB feller-buncher was modiied to allow the operator to use i a 5-DOF joystick, and ii a 6-DOF magnetically-levitated joystick with stiiness feedback. While the operator commanded the velocity of the endpoint, an onboard computer system managed total system power, solved the inverse kinematics, servoed the joint(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the value of serum midkine (MDK) as a diagnostic biomarker in hepatocellular carcinoma, particularly for those with negative alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and at an early stage. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN MDK expression in tumors was assessed by immunohistochemistry from 105 patients with hepatocellular carcinomas or liver cirrhosis. Serum MDK(More)
A novel visual tracking algorithm to cope with occlusion and scale variation is proposed. This method combines mean shift and SIFT algorithm to track object. SIFT algorithm is invariant to rotation, translation and scale variation. But it is a time-consuming algorithm. The wasting time is related to image size. So the proposed algorithm first adopts mean(More)
—Today's enterprise WLAN is facing challenges as the rapid growth of user scale and traffic load. Users often experience slow or even intermittent connection in crowded area. This is mainly due to the interference among densely-deployed access points (APs). In this paper, we took advantages of the emerging idea of SDN and OpenFlow technology to mitigate(More)
With the widespread use of online video application, the amount of online video clips becomes huge. Web video search engines can help users to locate video clips they are interested in. However, most video search engines return similar or near-duplicate videos together in the result lists, which is inconvenient for users to browse. This paper proposes a(More)
Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds are becoming ubiquitous for provisioning virtual machines on demand. Cloud service providers expect to use least resources to deliver best services. As users frequently request virtual machines to build virtual clusters and run MapReduce-like jobs for big data processing, cloud service providers intend to place virtual(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel method that combines improved chain codes based edge tracking (ICCBET) with Hough transform (HT) to successfully detect the airport runway in real time. ICCBET primarily removes the short and curving lines to reduce the pixels and confirms the approximate orientation to shorten the angle range HT processes in later.(More)