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Palaeozoic and Cenozoic lithoprobes and the loss of >120 km of Archaean lithosphere, Sino-Korean craton, China
Abstract In eastern China Palaeozoic kimberlites and Cenozoic basalts have been erupted through the same Archaean crust, thus providing deep probes of the cratonic lower lithosphere over a period ofExpand
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Widespread Archean basement beneath the Yangtze craton
The age distribution of the crust is a fundamental parameter in modeling continental evolution and the rate of crustal accretion through Earth9s history, but this is usually estimated from surfaceExpand
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Magmatism in the South China Basin: 1. Isotopic and trace-element evidence for an endogenous Dupal mantle component
Abstract A widespread episode of intraplate volcanism followed the cessation of sea-floor spreading in the South China Basin (≈32-17 Ma BP), affecting large parts of southern China and Indochina, andExpand
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Metamictization of zircon: Raman spectroscopic study
Raman spectroscopy of radiation-damaged natural zircon samples shows increased line broadening and shifts of phonon frequencies with increasing radiation dose. Stretching and bending frequencies ofExpand
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Nature and Evolution of Cenozoic Lithospheric Mantle beneath Shandong Peninsula, Sino-Korean Craton, Eastern China
The Shanwang and Qixia basalts lie within the North China block and were erupted in Miocene to Pliocene time (18.1 to 4.3 Ma) and Pliocene time (6.4 to 5.9 Ma), respectively. The Shanwang area liesExpand
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Magmatism in the South China Basin: 2. Post-spreading Quaternary basalts from Hainan Island, south China
Cenozoic magmatism on northern Hainan Island was part of a regional episode post-dating opening of the South China Basin (SCB). Tholeiite lava flows emanated from WSW-ENE-trending extensionalExpand
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U–Pb and Hf-isotope analysis of zircons in mafic xenoliths from Fuxian kimberlites: evolution of the lower crust beneath the North China craton
Mafic xenoliths from the Paleozoic Fuxian kimberlites in the North China craton include garnet granulite, and minor pyroxene amphibolite, metagabbro, anorthosite and pyroxenite. The formationExpand
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Accounting for energy-related CO2 emission in China, 1991-2006
As the country with the second largest emitter of energy-related CO2 gas, China experienced a dramatic decline in CO2 emission intensity from 1991 to 2000, but since then the rate of decline slowedExpand
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Mantle amphibole trace-element and isotopic signatures trace multiple metasomatic episodes in lithospheric mantle, western Victoria, Australia
Abstract Peridotite xenoliths from western Victoria, Australia, contain varying proportions of amphibole (±apatite). The xenoliths also exhibit varying degrees of metasomatic enrichment as indicatedExpand
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