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Leaf area index (LAI) is one of the most important structural parameters of terrestrial ecosystem, while the remote sensing retrieval and the ground optical instrument measurement and based on canopy gap model are the effective approaches to rapidly obtain LAI. However, these two approaches can only acquire effective LAI (LAI(e)), due to the clumping of(More)
To accurately estimate forest carbon storage is of significance in researching terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycle and global change. Based on the survey data from the representative plots in Northeast China forest area (Da Xing' an Mountains, Xiao Xing' an Mountains, Zhangguangcai Mountains and Changbai Mountains) in 2007 and 2008 and the inventory data in(More)
An empirical model was set up by using TM data to get the reflectance of the earth surface in Naiman Banner of Kerqin Sandy Land, and the influence of vegetation on the pixel reflectance was eliminated by optical vegetation coverage model. The regression model between soil water content and earth surface reflectance was set up to retrieve soil water(More)
Based on the forest inventory data and single tree biomass model, the forest biomass in the sampling plots in Changbai Mountain forest region was calculated, and, by using the estimated forest biomass from four periods' remote sensing data and based on high accuracy remote sensing models, the changes of regional forest biomass were analyzed. In the(More)
Based on four commonly used models (Cosine model, C model, C + SCS model, and Minnaert model), the topographic effects in Landsat-5 image of Maoershan region in Heilongjiang Province acquired on July 21, 2007 were calibrated on the platform of IDL language. The 4 models were validated from the aspects of visual differences and quantitative statistical(More)
K-feldspar, sphene and zircon in quartz monzonite from Shahewan, south Qinling, showing strong zoning structure. Characteristics of microstructure and chemical compositions of K-feldspar, sphene and zircon with zoning structure were investigated using advanced instruments of electron probe micro analyses equipped with wavelength dispersive spectrometer(More)
By using the airborne hyperspectral remote sensing data of Liangshui National Nature Reserve in Yichun of Heilongjiang Province, Northeast China, 15 spectral parameters including red edge area, triangular vegetation index, and normalized difference vegetation index, etc. were extracted, and in combining with 5 geographical parameters including slope,(More)
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