Ming-Yu Tsai

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Thalassemia was first described by Cooley and Lee in 1952 in several Italian children as a severe anemia with spleen and liver enlargement, skin discoloration, and bony changes. Great strides in management and intervention have not been matched by progress in psychosocial rehabilitation. Because parental stress and adaptation are of concern, this study(More)
Two components were identified from aeration extracts of the virgin female Madeira mealybug, Phenacoccus madeirensis as trans-(1R,3R)-chrysanthemyl (R)-2-methylbutanoate and (R)-lavandulyl (R)-2-methylbutanoate (with a ratio of 3:1) by a combination of gas chromatography retention time matches, mass spectrometry, and microchemical tests. The structures and(More)
Comprehensive care for thalassemia major (TM) patients has achieved great advances in the world, yet psychosocial developmental aspects of care in families with afflicted members has made only limited progress. Besides confronting the disease itself, a major task for children with TM is to develop into autonomous, healthy, and functioning adults. An(More)
In recent years, the manufacturing technologies are more and more complex. Almost all production processes need cooperation among multiple enterprises. It is true that today’s manufacturing process is a complex workflow forming a supply chain. Each enterprise provides their services to accomplish professional processes. With the growth of Internet usage,(More)
A new mealybug species, Chorizococcus zoysiaesp. n., feeding on Zoysia tenuifolia (Poaceae), is described from Taiwan. Adult female, third-instar female, second-instar female and first-instar nymph were described and illustrated in this article. Keys are provides to (a) separate this new species from similar species of Chorizococcus and those of same genus(More)