Ming Yin Alison Lam

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Data on mental disorder prevalence and health service utilization required to inform healthcare management and planning are lacking in Hong Kong. The current study determined the prevalence of common mental disorders (CMD), and examined the patterns of mental health service utilization and associated factors. We analyzed data from the Hong Kong Mental(More)
The study purpose was to perform an obesity cost-of-illness analysis for individuals living in the province of Ontario, Canada. The participants consisted of a representative sample of 25 038 adults and 2440 adolescents (aged 12-17 years) who participated in the 2000/2001 Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS). The CCHS data set includes measures of body(More)
The Prevention and Reduction of Obesity through Active Living (PROACTIVE) is a randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a behaviourally based physical activity and diet composition programme to prevent and reduce obesity and related comorbidities in a primary healthcare setting. 491 abdominally obese men and women 25-75 years of age who(More)
OBJECTIVES to measure the extent to which the recommendations of a geriatric outreach assessment service were being followed, and to determine what patient-related factors were associated with compliance with assessment recommendations. METHODS eighty-one eligible patients or caregivers who had an assessment in a geriatric outreach service participated in(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore the distribution of TCM patterns in ketamine users and the inter-rater reliability of TCM diagnosis among TCM practitioners. METHODS Eighty-four subjects recruited from substance abuse clinics and non-governmental counseling services catering for ketamine abusers were examined by one or two TCM practitioners. The distribution and(More)
BACKGROUND Anxiety disorders are prevalent yet under-recognized in late life. We examined the prevalence of anxiety disorders in a representative sample of community dwelling older adults in Hong Kong. METHOD Data on 1,158 non-demented respondents aged 60-75 years were extracted from the Hong Kong Mental Morbidity survey (HKMMS). Anxiety was assessed with(More)
Lifetime prevalence of psychotic disorders varies widely across studies. Epidemiological surveys have rarely examined prevalences of specific psychotic disorders other than schizophrenia, and the majority used a single-phase design without employing clinical reappraisal interview for diagnostic verification. The current study investigated lifetime(More)
BACKGROUND Although advance directives (ADs) are already exercised in many Western countries, cultural differences surrounding death and dying may potentially pose challenges to the implementation of ADs in a Chinese community. It is therefore relevant to explore the experience with and attitudes towards ADs of health care professionals, who are trained in(More)
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