Ming Yee Chew

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From the coagulocytes (amoebocytes) coagulogen (fibrinogen) was isolated, and purified on Sephacryl S-200. The cell homogenate contained one major protein species with a minimum molecular weight of 70,000. This protein clotted in the presence of human thrombin, human factor XIII and Ca++. The coagulogen contained no free thiol groups, however these were(More)
A rapid automated method for the estimation of factor Xa was developed using the "Centrifichem' rotary fast analyser and the substrate S-2222. The problem of interference from fibrin was overcome by performing the activation of factor X during centrifugation, so that defibrination and activation were achieved in a single step. A range of factor Xa(More)
The carnivorous Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) is a small herb of multifarious wet habitats worldwide. Eleven of the 14 Peninsular Malaysian species range into the mountains. Distribution, disturbance adaptability and collection frequency were used to formulate their commonness category. Common (U. aurea, U. bifida, and U. minutissima) and fairly common (U.(More)
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