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Plant cells respond to cold stress via a regulatory mechanism leading to enhanced cold acclimation accompanied by growth retardation. The C-repeat binding factor (CBF) signaling pathway is essential for cold response of flowering plants. Our previously study documented a novel CBF-like gene from the cold-tolerant Capsella bursa-pastoris named CbCBF, which(More)
To identify genes associated with genic male sterility (GMS) that could be useful for hybrid breeding in Chinese cabbage (Brassicarapa ssp. pekinensis), floral bud transcriptome analysis was carried out using a B. rapa microarray with 300,000 probes (Br300K). Among 47,548 clones deposited on a Br300K microarray with seven probes of 60 nt length within the(More)
Cardiac microvascular endothelial cells (CMECs) dysfunction induced by hypoxia is an important pathophysiological event in myocardium ischemic injury, whereas, the underlying mechanism is not fully clarified. FoxO transcription factors regulate target genes involved in apoptosis and cellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) production. Therefore, the present(More)
For a positive integer s, a graph Γ is called s-arc transitive if its full automorphism group AutΓ acts transitively on the set of s-arcs of Γ. Given a group G and a subset S of G with S = S −1 and 1 / ∈ S, let Γ = Cay(G, S) be the Cayley graph of G with respect to S and G R the set of right translations of G on G. Then G R forms a regular subgroup of AutΓ.(More)