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A Mobile Robot Visual SLAM System With Enhanced Semantics Segmentation
A more efficient semantic SLAM system in the two-wheeled mobile robot by using semantic segmentation to recognize people, chairs, and other objects in every keyframe by significantly improving the processing efficiency, robustness, and quality of the map.
Robust Multiview Subspace Clustering of Images via Tighter Rank Approximation
A novel tighter tensor log-determinant (TLD) regularizer is proposed to better approximate the tensor rank and results indicate that the proposed model achieves significant improvements compared to the state-of-the-art convex subspace clustering models.
Multiview Clustering of Images with Tensor Rank Minimization via Nonconvex Approach
In this paper, we study the image multiview subspace clustering problem via a nonconvex low-rank representation under the framework of tensors. Most of the recent studies of tensor based multiview ...