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Distinct microRNA expression profiles in acute myeloid leukemia with common translocations
It is demonstrated that specific alterations in miRNA expression distinguish AMLs with common translocations and imply that the deregulation of specific miRNAs may play a role in the development of leukemia with these associated genetic rearrangements. Expand
ARock: an Algorithmic Framework for Asynchronous Parallel Coordinate Updates
Theoretically, it is shown that if the nonexpansive operator $T$ has a fixed point, then with probability one, ARock generates a sequence that converges to a fixed points of $T$. Expand
A previously unidentified alternatively spliced isoform of t(8;21) transcript promotes leukemogenesis
The identification of a previously unknown alternatively spliced isoform of the AML1-ETO transcript that includes an extra exon, exon 9a, of the ETO gene is reported, indicating that fusion proteins from alternativelyspliced isoforms of a chromosomal translocation may work together to induce cancer development. Expand
Protein ISGylation modulates the JAK-STAT signaling pathway.
It is reported that mice lacking UBP43, a protease that removes ISG15 from ISGylated proteins, are hypersensitive to type I IFN, and the involvement of proteinISGylation in the regulation of the JAK-STAT pathway is suggested. Expand
Restoration of Images Corrupted by Impulse Noise and Mixed Gaussian Impulse Noise using Blind Inpainting
  • Ming Yan
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • SIAM J. Imaging Sci.
  • 4 April 2013
Two methods based on blind inpainting and $\ell_0$ minimization are proposed that can simultaneously find the damaged pixels and restore the image by iteratively restoring the image and updating the set of damaged pixels. Expand
Ube1L and Protein ISGylation Are Not Essential for Alpha/Beta Interferon Signaling
The results indicate that UBE1L and protein ISGylation are not critical for IFN-α/β signaling via JAK/STAT activation, and it is shown that lack of UBP43, but not the increase of protein ISgylation, is related to the increased IFN signaling in Ubp43-deficient mice. Expand
Incidence and Etiology of Drug-Induced Liver Injury in Mainland China.
Traditional Chinese medicines, herbal and dietary supplements, and antituberculosis drugs were the leading causes of DILI in mainland China and the annual incidence was estimated to be 23.80 per 100,000 persons; higher than that reported from Western countries. Expand
Robust 1-bit Compressive Sensing Using Adaptive Outlier Pursuit
This paper proposes a robust method for recovering signals from 1-bit measurements using adaptive outlier pursuit that will detect the positions where sign flips happen and recover the signals using “correct” measurements. Expand
The axonal repellent, Slit2, inhibits directional migration of circulating neutrophils
It is demonstrated that Slit2 potently inhibits chemotaxis but not random motion of circulating neutrophils and point to Slit 2 as a potential new therapeutic for preventing localized inflammation. Expand
Flexible saccade-target selection in Chinese reading
It is proposed that Chinese readers dynamically select the beginning or centre of words as saccade targets depending on failure or success with segmentation of parafoveal word boundaries. Expand