Ming Yan Jiang

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An unusually severe snow disaster in southern China in 2008 exposed variation among different species of bamboo: some species were highly tolerant to low-temperature damage, but some suffered extensive damage or death. Therefore, this study was conducted to determine the effects of cold stress on endogenous hormones and the expression of homologs of CBF 1(More)
  • Yan Chen, Onur Kesten, Susan Athey, Dirk Bergemann, Caterina Calsamiglia, Yeon-Koo Che +25 others
  • 2013
Within the last decade, many Chinese provinces have transitioned from the 'sequential' to the 'parallel' college admissions mechanisms. We show that all of the provinces that have abandoned the sequential mechanism have moved towards less manipulable and more stable mechanisms. Furthermore, Tibet implements the least manipulable parallel mechanism, whereas(More)
Flooding regime changes resulting from natural and human activity have been projected to affect wetland plant community structures and functions. It is therefore important to conduct investigations across a range of flooding gradients to assess the impact of flooding depth on wetland vegetation. We conducted this study to identify the pattern of plant(More)
Scirpus planiculmis, a perennial herb typically grown from tubers in wetlands, is the main food species for migratory Siberian white crane (Grus leucogeranus) in Momoge National Nature Reserve (MNNR), northeastern China. However, Echinochloa caudata, an annual weed propagated only from seed, became the dominant species in the majority of the rewetted site(More)
We study the performance of the Boston and the Deferred Acceptance (DA) mechanism in a laboratory where we increase the market size. Our results show that increasing the market size from 4 to 40 increases participant truth-telling under the DA but decreases it under the Boston mechanism, leading to a decrease in efficiency but * We thank 1 no change in the(More)
RESEARCH INTERESTS • Ferroelectric/dielectric polymers and polymer nanocomposites for electrical applications • Ordered polymer structure, morphology, and their phase transitions at nanoscales • Supramolecular self-assembly of discotic liquid crystals • Biodegradable polylactide based block copolymers and star-like polymers as nanomedicines
Biotechnology is now not only the field of professionals but also frequently shows up in newspapers and popular magazines for the general public with its advanced and diverse applications in fields such as food industry and healthcare that affect the daily life and future of human being. With the rapid expanding and evolving of biotechnology , new terms are(More)
Image processing is an important component of modern technologies because human depends so much on the visual information than other creatures. Image is better than any other information form for us to perceive. Among our information about the world, 99% is perceived with our eyes [1]. Image processing has traditionally been an area in the engineering(More)
Book details Bioterrorism. Mathematical modeling applications in homeland security. According to the ISCID Encyclopedia of Science and Philosophy , "Bioterrorism is a type of terrorism that employs the use of biological agents to achieve its goals" [1]. This has been a hot topic in the United States since the mysterious anthrax letters of fall 2001 [2].(More)
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