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Pain is a major problem after burns and researchers continue to report that pain from burns remains undertreated. The inadequate pain control results in adverse sequalae physically and psychologically in the burn victims. A better understanding of a burn patient's experience is important in identifying the factors responsible for undertreated pain and(More)
Rhododendron aureum Georgi (Ericaceae) is a perennial alpine shrub endemic to Changbai Mountain in China. We used ISSR and RAPD markers to describe the diversity and genetic structure within and among four natural populations located at different altitudes. DNA from 66 individuals was amplified with ten ISSR markers and seven RAPD markers. High genetic(More)
To investigate bacterial communities between rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soils of the wild medicinal plant Rumex patientia of Jilin, China, small subunit rRNAs (16S rDNA) from soil metagenome were amplified by polymerase chain reaction using primers specific to the domain bacteria and analysed by cloning and sequencing. The relative proportion of(More)
We described a new method to label biological molecules using gold nanoparticles (GNPs) and double stranded DNA. Researchers can conveniently label their own samples with GNPs using this method. The label is based on dsDNA with a 93.5 % coverage of GNPs (dsDNA:GNP = 303:1). Antigens, streptavidin and biotin were labeled on GNPs and the success of the method(More)
We report a phosphine-free one-pot method to synthesize ZnSe/CdS/ZnS core-shell quantum dots (QDs) with composite type-II/type-I structures and consequent reabsorption suppression properties. The as-synthesized QDs possess high efficient red emission (with quantum yield of 82%) and high optical stability. Compared to type-I QDs, the ZnSe/CdS/ZnS QDs show(More)
Because of their unique spectral properties, quantum dots (QDs) have recently proved useful as fluorescent labels for biosensing probes. We developed a versatile QD label by modifying dsDNA with biotin and thiol groups at opposite ends and attaching it to quantum dots via a metal-thiol bond. These dsDNA-coated QDs fluorescently label their targets through(More)
In this report, Cu(2-x)Se nanoplates with columnar superstructures have been synthesized via a facile, "green", phosphine-free, low-cost colloidal method. An inorganic tin(iv) selenium complex (Sn(2)Se(6))(4-) was attached on the surfaces of Cu(2-x)Se nanoplates directly during the synthesis of Cu(2-x)Se nanoplates. With the assistance of (Sn(2)Se(6))(4-)(More)
The CRB on wideband direction of arrival (DOA) estimation of multi-source under the background of colored noises is deduced. According to the expression, the characteristics of wideband CRB and the factors related to the performance of DOA estimation are presented: the wideband CRB of single source can be divided into two items, and one depends on signal(More)
PURPOSE Chronic bronchitis (CB), emphysematous (EM) and asthma-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) overlap syndrome (ACOS) phenotypes in COPD are well recognized. This study aimed to investigate distinguishing characteristics of these phenotypes in COPD patients with frequent exacerbations (FE). PATIENTS AND METHODS A retrospective study was(More)
Malathion is an organophosphorous insecticide for controlling insects on fruits and vegetables, miscellaneous household insects, and animal parasites. It is important to develop highly efficient and selective pre-treatment method for analyzing malathion residues in environment and samples from agricultural products based on the molecularly imprinted(More)