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Carbon monoxide is considered as a criteria pollutant in urban areas, and plays an important role in photochemistry of regional and urban environments. Continuous measurement of CO at the meteorological observation tower in IAP-CAS (39 degrees 9'N, 116 degrees 4'E) from January to December 2004 was carried out in Beijing, using HP5890II gas chromatography(More)
TOMS/AI data with nearly 20 years are utilized in the paper to evaluate dust activities in North China. Combined with simultaneous NCEP reanalysis climate data, climate effects on dust activities are assessed. The results showed that the whole North China suffers impact by dust aerosols, with three centers standing out in TOMS/AI spring average map that are(More)
In 1999 aerosol samples were collected by cascade at Meteorological Tower in Beijing. The 12 group aerosol samples obtained were analyzed using PIXE method, which resulted in 20 elemental concentrations and size distribution of elemental concentrations. From the observation, the elemental concentrations, size distribution of elemental concentrations and(More)
In the past, fecal E. coli was always regarded as the indicator organism for estimation of pathogens in water. However, a weak relation between fecal E. coli and water viruses or bacterial pathogens has been demonstrated by previous studies. Therefore, for water pathogen study, it is essential to select and quantify typical pathogens. In this study, a(More)
Filters are widely applied in drinking water treatment plants. Our previous study, which explored the asenic redox in a filter of drinking water plant treating underground water, found that As3+ could be oxidized to As5+ by biogenic manganese oxides, while As5+ could be reduced to As3+ by some microbial arsenic reductases in the biofilter system. This(More)
Ground-based simultaneous observations of sun direct and scattering radiation were carried out in Dunhuang for nearly 2 years. Aerosol optical depth, Angstrom wavelength exponent and size distribution were obtained from solar extinction and sky radiation. Water vapor content was obtained from sun direct radiation measurement at 940 nm. Relationship between(More)
BACKGROUND Several observational studies suggest that herpes zoster (HZ) may increase the risk of stroke, but the results are inconsistent. Our study was designed to assess the association between HZ and the risk of stroke through a meta-analysis of cohort studies. METHODS The electronic databases PubMed and EMBASE were searched from inception to May 31,(More)
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