Ming Xiang Pan

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In contrast to the poor plasticity that is usually observed in bulk metallic glasses, super plasticity is achieved at room temperature in ZrCuNiAl synthesized through the appropriate choice of its composition by controlling elastic moduli. Microstructures analysis indicates that the super plastic bulk metallic glasses are composed of hard regions surrounded(More)
We report a brittle Mg-based bulk metallic glass which approaches the ideal brittle behavior. However, a dimple structure is observed at the fracture surface by high resolution scanning electron microscopy, indicating some type of "ductile" fracture mechanism in this very brittle glass. We also show, from the available data, a clear correlation between the(More)
We report cerium-based bulk metallic glasses with an exceptionally low glass transition temperature Tg, similar to or lower than that of many polymers. We demonstrate that, in near-boiling water, these materials can be repeatedly shaped, and can thus be regarded as metallic plastics. Their resistance to crystallization permits extended forming times above(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Severe infection with avian influenza A (H5N6) virus in humans was identified first in 2014 in China. Before that, it was unknown or unclear if the disease or the pathogen affected people. This study illustrates the virological and clinical findings of a fatal H5N6 virus infection in a human patient. METHODS We obtained and(More)
Out-of-plane, nanoscale periodic corrugations are observed in the dynamic fracture surface of brittle bulk metallic glasses with fracture toughness approaching that of silica glasses. A model based on the meniscus instability and plastic zone theory is used to explain such dynamic crack instability. The results indicate that the local softening mechanism in(More)
Experimental results supported by density functional theory calculations show carbonate formation and reaction on atomic oxygen precovered Au(111). Oxygen mixing is observed in temperature-programmed desorption measurements when a Au(111) precovered with 16O is exposed to isotopically labeled CO2 (C18O2). The presence of 16O18O is attributed to surface(More)
The multiscale autoregressive (MAR) framework was introduced in the last decade to process signals that exhibit multiscale features. It provides the method for identifying the multiscale structure in signals and a filtering procedure, and thus is an efficient way to solve the optimal estimation problem for many high-dimensional dynamic systems. Later, an(More)
An understanding of how facets of a nanocrystal develop is critical for controlling nanocrystal shape and designing novel functional materials. However, the atomic pathways of nanocrystal facet development are mostly unknown because of the lack of direct observation. We report the imaging of platinum nanocube growth in a liquid cell using transmission(More)
Evapotranspiration (ET) is the process by which liquid water becomes water vapor and energetically this accounts for much of incoming solar radiation. If this ET did not occur temperatures would be higher, so understanding ET trends is crucial to predict future temperatures. Recent studies have reported prolonged declines in ET in recent decades, although(More)