Ming Xia Su

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Nitrogen management in soils has been considered as key to the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and a protection of major ecosystem services. However, the microorganisms driving processes like nitrification, denitrification, N-fixation and mineralization are highly influenced by changing climatic conditions, intensification of agriculture and the(More)
We derive the scalar resonance coupling constants of resonance chiral theory from the Extended Nambu Jona-Lasinio model by using heat-kernel expansion. Effective field theories(EFT) are useful tools in particle physics. In the low-energy regime, the effective theory of hadrons is chiral perturbation theory [1,2](χPT). The explicit degrees of freedom of χPT(More)
A simple and analytical design methodology for a novel multi-way Bagley Polygon power divider with arbitrary complex terminated impedances is proposed in this paper. The design parameters including electrical lengths and characteristic impedances can be obtained by the provided closed-form mathematical expressions when complex terminated impedances are(More)
A compact rectangular open slot antenna is investigated in view of ultra-wideband (UWB) applications. A stepped strip is used to achieve wide bandwidth. The proposed antenna is fabricated and its performances are measured. The measured results show that the antenna of 26.5mm×12mm dimensions sufficiently covers the band of UWB from 3.06GHz to 10.6GHz.(More)
We propose a linearly polarized dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) array, feeding by radial line waveguide, to simplify the traditional feeding structures of the DRA array. By effectively using the electromagnetic wave inside the radial line waveguide, the proposed dielectric resonator antenna array, with only one feeding port, working at 12GHz, achieves a(More)
High-performance dual-band Doherty power amplifier and non-uniform circularly polarized antenna array require impedancetransforming unequal dual-band 90◦ branch-line couplers for power dividing and phase shifting in the feed networks. In this paper, an analytical design methodology of generalized impedance-transforming dual-band branch-line couplers for(More)
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