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Spasticity assessment based on the Hilbert–Huang transform marginal spectrum entropy and the root mean square of surface electromyography signals: a preliminary study
BackgroundMost of the objective and quantitative methods proposed for spasticity measurement are not suitable for clinical application, and methods for surface electromyography (sEMG) signalExpand
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A Review on Electrothermal Modeling of Supercapacitors for Energy Storage Applications
Supercapacitors (SCs) are drawing more and more attention in energy storage applications. This paper aims to discuss the state of the art of application-oriented electrothermal modeling methods forExpand
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Author Correction: Tubular cell and keratinocyte single-cell transcriptomics applied to lupus nephritis reveal type I IFN and fibrosis relevant pathways
An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via a link at the top of the paper.
Trucker Behavior Security Surveillance Based on Human Parsing
With the increase of roads and vehicles, the number of traffic accidents has gradually increased, and one of the important reasons is the driver’s unsafe driving behavior. Some existing methods relyExpand
Directional Active Noise Control with a Local Minimax Error Criterion
The traditional mean squared error (MSE) criterion can be formulated as a quadratic function of a vector of control filter coefficients, and it is easy to obtain optimal control filter coefficients.Expand
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On-Line Aerodynamic Identification for Space Access Vehicles
This paper describes the on-going development of a comprehensive integrated guidance and control architecture featuring an on-line aerodynamic identification scheme that produces a global estimate ofExpand
Optimization Mapping for Deep Learning
The growing importance of deep learning has driven its deployments in extensive application scenarios and environments, and hence led to diversified optimizations through both customized hardware andExpand
A Review on Ecosystem Health Research: A Visualization Based on CiteSpace
With ecological environments that play vital roles in sustaining human communities worsening, ecological health has drawn extensive attention from scholars and practitioners. It is obvious thatExpand
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