Ming-Tsung Tsai

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This letter presents a feasible method for electrical ac power source burn-in test. The proposed architecture consists of two power stages. It consumes a lesser amount of energy than the conventional method and provides extra flexibility for the test load. To implement the proposed idea, a simple control strategy and system design is presented in this(More)
This paper presents a new control strategy in a battery energy storage system (BESS) for multifunction operation. The multifunction BESS operates in two modes: one is the parallel processing mode which can play as an active mter, a power conditioner, or a voltage stabilizer; and the other is the stand-alone mode which acts as a conventional uninterruptibk(More)
High capacity of direct current is essential in many industrial processes. Conventional methods for obtaining high amount of direct current involve parallel operation of converters with multi-pulse rectifier. The multi-phase transformer combined with rectifier in the system increases overall size of the system and also provide limited control over the(More)
A series of triazolyl coumarin derivatives L1-L4, with and without spacer groups between the coumarin and the triazole groups, were synthesized as fluorescent sensors to study their binding ability and selectivity toward metal ions. Ligand L3, which contains an acetyl linker between the triazole and the coumarin, exhibited a high selectivity toward Hg(2+)(More)
Herein we reveal a simple method for the identification of novel Aurora kinase A inhibitors through substructure searching of an in-house compound library to select compounds for testing. A hydrazone fragment conferring Aurora kinase activity and heterocyclic rings most frequently reported in kinase inhibitors were used as substructure queries to filter the(More)
This paper focuses on digital signal processor based technique to achieve a grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system with single-stage controlled algorithm. The researched system is consists of a full-bridge high-frequency DC/DC converter with the proposed symmetric phase-shift modulation to achieve the ZVS switching function, and a DC/AC(More)
A PWM three-phase AC-to-DC converter with unity input power factor can be approached by setting the required active power and setting reactive power to zero in the instantaneous reactive power theory. The instantaneous reactive power theory, proposed by Akagi, is usually used to design reactive power and harmonic compensators, and it is based on a balanced(More)
This paper presents a wireless power transmission system which is consisted of a full-bridge converter, two resonance circuits and a diode rectifier to obtain the desired output voltage. The focused topology is based on SP compensation circuit, where S denoted the primary coil is connected in series with the compensation capacitor, and P denoted the(More)