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The MCHF atomic structure package consists of a series of programs that predict a range of atomic properties and communicate information through les. Several of these have now been modiied for the distributed-memory environment. On the Intel iPSC/860, the restricted amount of memory and the lack of virtual memory required a redesign of the data organization(More)
A blind digital image watermarking scheme based on Singular Values Decomposition and FastICA algorithm is proposed in this paper. According to the favorable stability property of singular value, the watermark is inserted into the singular values of the image’s Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) coefficients, which are regarded as two sources are mixed(More)
Firstly, the nonnegative matrix factorization with sparseness constraints on parts of the basis matrix (NMFSCPBM) method is proposed in this paper. Secondly, the encrypted watermark is embedded into the big coefficients of the basis matrix that the host video is decomposed into by NMFSCPBM. At the same time, the watermark embedding strength is adaptively(More)
Based on the convergence and stability of the new mean shift fast algorithm, an adaptive watermark algorithm in contourlet domain based on mean shift texture features clustering is proposed in this paper. Through the texture recognition method based on gray co-occurrence matrix, watermark is embedded into the coefficients in contourlet domain, which makes(More)
Engineering 3D microstructures with predetermined properties is critical for stem cell niche studies. We have developed a multiphoton femtosecond laser-based 3D printing platform, which generates complex protein microstructures in minutes. Here, we used the platform to test a series of fabrication and reagent parameters in precisely controlling the(More)
In order to improve the accuracy of action recognition, a compact discriminant hierarchical clustering approach and an action recognition new framework are respectively proposed. Firstly, on the bases of low-level features 3D Self-Correlation Histogram of Oriented Gradient in Trajectory (3D_SCHOGT) and 3D Self-Correlation Histogram of Oriented Optical Flow(More)
By analyzing two groups of capacity assessment data, the paper obtained such data characteristics as data discreteness and frequency domain, and established an error analysis model and an error evaluation model for the above data on the basis of their characteristics. When reducing random errors, the paper compared merits and demerits of mean filters and(More)
Action recognition has very high academic research value, potential commercial value and wide market application prospect in computer vision. In order to improve the action recognition accuracy, two kinds of dynamic descriptors based on dense trajectories are proposed in this paper. Firstly, to capture the local position information that action occurs,(More)
With the emergence and maturity of various signal processing tools, it can be more convenient, much faster and more arbitrary for people to illegally tamper the original video to varying degrees and in different forms, which makes the video authentication become the focus of researchers in multimedia field. This paper aims to improve the tampered area’s(More)
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