Ming-Tian Zhou

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Insider cyber threat is a serious problem in resent years. Many traditional methods such as intrusion detection system and prevention system can not effectively deal with insider attack problems because they lack of dynamic inference capability to acquire and understand cyber situational awareness. This paper presented a framework model based on DBN to(More)
Coverage is one of the fundamental problems of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Analyzing the coverage problem of WSN, this paper proposes the concepts of degree of coverage and net coverage efficient ratio. It is theoretically proved through math modeling, theoretical analysis and formula deducting that how much the maximum of efficient coverage area and(More)
According the complex deployment region and the various demands in wind tunnel, a novel disruption-tolerant wireless sensor networks (DT-WSN) architecture is developed in this paper. Mobile routers (rovers) are introduced to collect and relay sensing data from static nodes. We present a stochastic analytical framework to study the performance of the network(More)
In view of the limitations of traditional uncorrelated Linear Discriminant Analysis (uLDA) of failure with singular within-scatter matrix and computationally expensive in solving the optimal discriminant vectors for a large and high-dimension dataset, an equivalent uLDA to Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) and a algorithm of uLDA based on generalized(More)
The most important task in developing enterprise software is to implement application integrating and collaborating between information systems, and to solve the problem of `Isolated Information Islands' in running systems. Using uniform application supporting platform (UASP) is a good scheme to solve the problems in e-campus' information systems. This(More)
The present paper is an introductory summary of an alternative roughness theory to classic rough set theory (RST), the granular rough theory (GrRT). GrRT differs from classic RST mainly in the underlying representation model, the granular representation calculus, which is designed to accommodate semi-structured information sources, to explicitly encode(More)
Building rules on top of ontology is the main task of mining the logical layer of the semantic Web. In order to find the user-access patterns in the Web usage records, an ILP approach to mine the log ontology based on AL-log is illustrated in this paper. At first this paper gives the definition of event and log ontology, and then discusses the semantics of(More)
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