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Interdisciplinary frameworks for studying natural hazards and their temporal trends have an important potential in data generation for risk assessment, land use planning, and therefore the sustainable management of resources. This paper focuses on the adjustments required because of the wide variety of scientific fields involved in the reconstruction and(More)
and Section 6-8: Together ii Abstract Voice over IP over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN) is getting great attention from the industry and the products for VoWLAN deployment are emerging rapidly. Although technologies for carrying voice in IP networks have been advancing for years, carrying voice over wireless networks introduces new challenges. For end users, the(More)
A key aspect of IAEA Safeguards is the verification of the correctness of declarations provided by a Member State. The Department of Safeguards provides detection systems installed at nuclear fuel cycle facilities to support these activities. Especially in Fast Breeder Reactors very different types of assemblies, like fresh and spent fuel, fresh and spent(More)
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