Ming-Sheng Xu

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We report a unique synthesis of single- and few-layer graphene films on carbon-doped Pt(83)Rh(17) surfaces by surface segregation and precipitation. The ultrathin graphene films were characterized by atomic force microscopy, Auger electron spectroscopy, and micro-Raman spectroscopy measurements, providing evidence of graphene film thickness and structural(More)
We report on the fabrication of a sizable graphene sheet on a carbon-doped Pt(111) substrate through surface segregation and precipitation. Scanning Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) reveals that the graphene covered more than 98% of the substrate surface. Our graphene consists of single-layer graphene across the substrate with fractions of several(More)
This study is to investigate the effect of diet and gene on blood-fat trait of the individual mouse. One hundred and twenty mice were fed with high fat emulsion for 4 weeks. Then the genotypes of Glut-4 were analyzed by PCR-SSCP to investigate the effect on blood-fat traits and some organ performance of mice. After fed with high fat emulsion for 4 weeks, 98(More)
BACKGROUND Zein, the predominant protein in corn, has been extensively studied as an alternative packaging material in edible and biodegradable films. However, films made from 100% zein are brittle under normal conditions. The aim of this investigation was to improve the film-forming properties of zein by chemical phosphorylation. The surface(More)
Nutrition science is an age-old subject, and offers important theoretic instructions for human health protection and disease prevention. With the development of molecular biology, it will be a key technique in the 21 century. Combination of molecular biology and nutrition, bio-nutrition is formed. While the combination of genome and nutrition, nutrigenomics(More)
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