Ming-Shen Jian

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This paper develops an evolutionary multiple channel management based on mobility in multiple hop wireless network. The n-hops limitation theories are proposed first. Based upon these theories, the enhanced multiple channel management is proposed which consists of channel assignment method and topology prediction method. The channel assignment method is(More)
In this paper, a Context and Location Aware Public/Personal Information Service based on RFID System Integration (CLAPIS) that integrates the existed RFID systems is proposed. This system includes Embedded Service Middleware Platform, and End User RFID Handheld Facilities. The Embedded Service Middleware Platform which runs on the PC or PDA provides(More)
In this paper, a Mobility Corresponding Location-Aware Information Services based on embedded RFID Platform that integrates the existed RFID systems and digital information content services server is proposed. According to user’s RFID tag, the platform accesses the remote digital content database and broadcasts the corresponding digital content related to(More)
Radio Frequency identification (RFID) is the popular wireless induction system [1-7]. The same as the general bar code identification, each RFID tag in an RFID system is assumed that equips a unique ID (UID) itself. A standard RFID system is consisted of Tag, Reader, and Application. When an independent RFID tag approaches the RFID antenna, the induc‐ tion(More)
In mobile IP, a triangular routing problem usually leads to additional delays and non-seamless handoff, which causes the loss of a large amount of in-fly packets. In this paper we propose an adaptive route optimization scheme that considers the seamless handoff and mobility rate. The proposed scheme adopts the mobile routing table scheme and includes an(More)
Abstarct: An adaptive management for heterogeneous wireless network is proposed to deal the handoff process and route selection. It consists of a type selection process, a routing discovery process, and a handoff and maintenance process. Furthermore, the routing discovery process includes route discovery phase and route selection phase. Via hybrid wireless(More)
In this paper, a Potential Bio-Disease Tracking and Tracing Algorithm based on RFID System (PBDT) is proposed. Bio-information of cultivation and disease prevention are important for the agriculture economy. The RFID system is used to record the information (cultivation history) and for identifying different objects.. In addition, the location (before and(More)