Ming Shang

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This paper presents a new larger version of the Dual In-line Package transfer molded Intelligent Power Module (DIP-IPM) developed by Mitsubishi Electric for home appliance motor control. The new large DIP-IPM utilizes a high thermal conductivity insulating resin sheet and an integrated aluminum heat spreader to provide the reduced thermal impedance and(More)
Previous studies have shown the association of the Cyclin D1 (CCND1) G870A polymorphism with glioma risk, but the findings are inconsistent and inconclusive. To shed some light on the findings across individual studies and acquire a quantitative assessment of this association, we conducted a meta-analysis of all published case–control studies thus far. Four(More)
In directed C-H activation reactions, any nitrogen or sulphur atoms present in heterocyclic substrates will coordinate strongly with metal catalysts. This coordination, which can lead to catalyst poisoning or C-H functionalization at an undesired position, limits the application of C-H activation reactions in heterocycle-based drug discovery, in which(More)
The pyridyl group has been extensively employed to direct transition-metal-catalyzed C-H activation reactions in the past half-century. The typical cyclic transition states involved in these cyclometalation processes have only enabled the activation of ortho-C-H bonds. Here, we report that pyridine is adapted to direct meta-C-H activation of benzyl and(More)
An inverse association between allergic conditions and glioma risk has been suggested in many epidemiological studies. However, the evidence is inadequate to draw robust conclusions for the association between prediagnostic IgE levels and brain tumors risk. The aim of this study was to provide more precise estimates for this association by meta-analysis of(More)