Ming-Rui Duan

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The association of DNA with histones in chromatin impedes DNA repair enzymes from accessing DNA lesions. Nucleosomes exist in a dynamic equilibrium in which portions of the DNA molecule spontaneously unwrap, transiently exposing buried DNA sites. Thus, nucleosome dynamics in certain regions of chromatin may provide the exposure time and space needed for(More)
Histone H3 acetylation is induced by UV damage in yeast and may play an important role in regulating the repair of UV photolesions in nucleosome-loaded genomic loci. However, it remains elusive how H3 acetylation facilitates repair. We generated a strongly positioned nucleosome containing homogeneously acetylated H3 at Lys-14 (H3K14ac) and investigated(More)
Histone octamers are the basic building blocks of chromatin and are platforms for diverse genetic mechanisms. We report a simple method for preparing recombinant histone octamers by overexpressing all four histones from a single polycistronic vector followed by standard chromatography under native conditions. This approach reduces the time needed for the(More)
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