Ming - Puu Chen

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This study explored the nature of students’ reflections on solving a given problem in a mobile technology enhanced learning environment of a computer networks course. Participants were 143 college freshmen taught by the same instructor. A process and content analysis method were employed to explore learners’ reflective patterns during and after(More)
Evaluation on achievement of scientists plays an important role in efficiently mining information of human resources. A metrics model, which is employed to calculate the number of academic papers, research awards and scientific research projects, often significantly affects the degree of fairness as it is used to compare the achievements of more than one(More)
The first step in creating an electronic multimedia design such as an electronic book or a hypermedia document is gathering the material. As multimedia information becomes electronically accessible, multimedia designers will need to find the material for their application interactively. This thesis introduces the concept of content-knowledgeable media,(More)
E-commerce companies compete with each other nowadays, and one solution to winning the competition is to get knowledge about customers' consuming preferences so as to establish better adequate personalized services to satisfy the customers. On this surrounding, to make E-commerce system actively recommend products to users according to their interests, the(More)
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