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Anemone flaccida Fr. Schmidt, a family of ancient hopanoids, have been used as traditional Asian herbs for the treatments of inflammation and convulsant diseases. Previous study on HeLa cells suggested that triterpenoid saponins from Anemone flaccida Fr. Schmidt may have potential antitumor effect due to their apoptotic activities. Here, we confirmed the(More)
Catalytic asymmetric formal synthesis of (−)-Triptophenolide and (+)-Triptolide have been achieved. Key reaction involves Palladium catalyzed asymmetric conjugate addition of aryl boronic acid to 3-methyl cyclohexe-1-none to form quaternary carbon. Claisen rearrangement and subsequent aldol reaction furnished trans-decaline key intermediate, which assured a(More)
Abietane diterpenes and miltirone series have shown important activities and for medical purposes in order to achieve the total synthesis of 1-oxomiltrone 1 and miltirone 4, a versatile intermediate 6 was found. The compound 6 could be used as a precursor A-B-C rings with different oxidative degrees in selected abietane diterpenes when synthesized through(More)
Four new labdane-type diterpenoid glycosides, laevissiosides A-D (1–4) were isolated from the 95% ethanol extract of Diplopterygium laevissimum (Christ) Nakai, along with two known analogues, 18- β-D-glucopyranosyl ester-sclareol (5) and 18-hydroxy-sclareol (6). The structures of compounds 1–4 were elucidated by extensive 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy as well(More)
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