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The hydrodynamic model for semiconductors in one dimension is considered. For perturbated Riemann data, global subsonic (weak) entropy solutions, piecewise continuous and piecewise smooth solutions with shock discontinuities are constructed and their asymptotic behavior is analyzed. In subsonic domains, the solution is smooth and, exponentially as t —> oo,(More)
The note is concerned with a time-delayed reaction–diffusion equation with nonlocality for the population dynamics of single species. For the critical speed of traveling waves, we give a detailed analysis on its location and asymptotic behavior with respect to the parameters of the diffusion rate and mature age, respectively. c © 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All(More)
Blowflies are an important parasite of the sheep industry in countries like Australia. For the purposes of prevention, control and elimination, it is of interest to investigate both temporal and spatial variations of the blowflies population using mathematical models. Based on the experimental data of Nicholson [14, 15], Gurney et al . [5] established a(More)
In this paper we present a physically relevant hydrodynamic model for a bipolar semiconductor device considering Ohmic conductor boundary conditions and a non-flat doping profile. For such an Euler-Poisson system, we prove, by means of a technical energy method, that the solutions are unique, exist globally and asymptotically converge to the corresponding(More)
The paper is devoted to the study of a time-delayed reaction- diffusion equation of age-structured single species population. Linear stability for this model was first presented by Gourley [4], when the time delay is small. Here, we extend the previous result to the nonlinear stability by using the technical weighted-energy method, when the initial(More)