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This short note is to fix the gap for the proof of Lemma 3.8 in our previous paper In our previous paper [2], in order to get the algebraic stability for the critical traveling wavefronts, one of key steps is to build up the decay estimate (see Lemma 3.8 in [2]) ¯ v(t) L ∞ w 1 (R) ≤ C(1 + t) − 1 2 , (0.1) where w 1 (ξ) = e −λ * (ξ−x0) is the weight function(More)
AIM The purpose of this study was to compare the effectivity, in terms of the potential usefulness, of digital filters based on either contrast sensitivity (CS) or supra-threshold contrast matching (CM) in enhancing pictures images for people with maculopathy and to investigate whether generic filters (not based on an individual's vision loss) are equally(More)
Perception of visual motion declines during healthy aging, and evidence suggests that this reflects decreases in cortical GABA inhibition that increase neural noise and motion bandwidths. This is supported by neurophysiological data on motion perception in senescent monkeys. Much less is known about deficits in higher level form vision. For example, face(More)
PURPOSE To develop a method to quantitatively assess the visibility enhancement of single face images gained with digital filters for people with maculopathy. To apply this method to obtaining preliminary results of visibility enhancement with subjectively preferred filters for people with maculopathy. METHODS Six subjects with normal vision and two with(More)
PURPOSE To compare suprathreshold contrast perception among three groups of participants with maculopathy (atrophic age-related macular degeneration [ARMD], exudative ARMD, and juvenile macular dystrophy [JMD]) and to compare suprathreshold contrast matching between controls and subjects with maculopathy. METHODS Three groups of subjects with macular(More)
This paper considers the nonlinear stability of travelling wavefronts of a time-delayed diffusive Nicholson blowflies equation. We prove that, under a weighted L 2 norm, if a solution is sufficiently close to a travelling wave front initially, it converges exponentially to the wavefront as t → ∞. The rate of convergence is also estimated.
This paper is concerned with a class of nonlocal Fisher-KPP type reaction-diffusion equations in n-dimensional space with time-delay. It is proved that, all noncritical planar wave-fronts are exponentially stable in the form of t − n 2 e −ντ t for some constant ντ = ν(τ) > 0, where τ ≥ 0 is the time-delay, while the critical planar wavefronts are(More)
In this paper we present a physically relevant hydrodynamic model for a bipolar semiconductor device considering Ohmic conductor boundary conditions and a non-flat doping profile. For such an Euler-Poisson system, we prove, by means of a technical energy method, that the solutions are unique, exist globally and asymptotically converge to the corresponding(More)