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Bis(2,3-dibromo-4,5-dihydroxybenzyl) Ether, a Marine Algae Derived Bromophenol, Inhibits the Growth of Botrytis cinerea and Interacts with DNA Molecules
Bis(2,3-dibromo-4,5-dihydroxybenzyl) ether (BDDE) is a bromophenol isolated from marine algae. Previous reports have shown that BDDE possesses cytotoxic and antibacterial activity. In the presentExpand
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Cross-talk Between Nitrate-Nitrite-NO and NO Synthase Pathways in Control of Vascular NO Homeostasis.
AIMS Inorganic nitrate and nitrite from endogenous and dietary sources have emerged as alternative substrates for nitric oxide (NO) formation in addition to the classic L-arginine NO synthaseExpand
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Dietary nitrate improves age-related hypertension and metabolic abnormalities in rats via modulation of angiotensin II receptor signaling and inhibition of superoxide generation.
Advanced age is associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. A proposed central event is diminished amounts of nitric oxide (NO) due to reduced generation byExpand
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Possible mechanism of the antidepressant effect of 3,6′‐disinapoyl sucrose from Polygala tenuifolia Willd
Objective  The present study was designed to observe the effects of 3,6′‐disinapoyl sucrose (DISS), an active oligosaccharide ester component obtained from the roots of Polygala tenuifolia Willd., onExpand
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Synthesis and α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Mechanisms of Bis(2,3-dibromo-4,5-dihydroxybenzyl) Ether, a Potential Marine Bromophenol α-Glucosidase Inhibitor
Bis(2,3-dibromo-4,5-dihydroxybenzyl) ether (BDDE), derived from the marine algae, is a potential α-glucosidase inhibitor for type 2 diabetes treatment. In the present study, a synthetic route wasExpand
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Effects of long-term dietary nitrate supplementation in mice
Background Inorganic nitrate (NO3-) is a precursor of nitric oxide (NO) in the body and a large number of short-term studies with dietary nitrate supplementation in animals and humans show beneficialExpand
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Icariin Protects Rat Cardiac H9c2 Cells from Apoptosis by Inhibiting Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress
Endoplasmic reticulum stress (ERS) is one of the mechanisms of apoptotic cell death. Inhibiting the apoptosis induced by ERS may be a novel therapeutic target in cardiovascular diseases. Icariin, aExpand
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Genome-Wide Identification and Analysis of Drought-Responsive Genes and MicroRNAs in Tobacco
  • F. Yin, C. Qin, +11 authors G. Pan
  • Biology, Medicine
  • International journal of molecular sciences
  • 12 March 2013
Drought stress response is a complex trait regulated at transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels in tobacco. Since the 1990s, many studies have shown that miRNAs act in many ways to regulateExpand
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The Cumulative Effect of Gene-Gene and Gene-Environment Interactions on the Risk of Prostate Cancer in Chinese Men
Prostate cancer (PCa) is a multifactorial disease involving complex genetic and environmental factors interactions. Gene-gene and gene-environment interactions associated with PCa in Chinese men areExpand
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Mutation rate estimation for 15 autosomal STR loci in a large population from Mainland China
STR, short tandem repeats, are well known as a type of powerful genetic marker and widely used in studying human population genetics. Compared with the conventional genetic markers, the mutation rateExpand
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