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An Introduction to Kolmogorov Complexity and Its Applications
  • Ming Li, P. Vitányi
  • Computer Science, Psychology
  • Texts and Monographs in Computer Science
  • 1993
The book is outstanding and admirable in many respects. ... is necessary reading for all kinds of readers from undergraduate students to top authorities in the field. Journal of Symbolic LogicExpand
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The similarity metric
We propose a new "normalized information distance," based on the noncomputable notion of Kolmogorov complexity, and show that it is in this class and it minorizes every computable distance in the class. Expand
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PatternHunter: faster and more sensitive homology search
We present a new homology search algorithm 'PatternHunter' that uses a novel seed model for increased sensitivity and new hit-processing techniques for significantly increased speed. Expand
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From Gene Trees to Species Trees
This paper studies various algorithmic issues in reconstructing a species tree from gene trees under the duplication and the mutation cost model. Expand
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Approximation algorithms for directed Steiner problems
We obtain the first non-trivial approximation algorithms for the Steiner Tree problem and the Generalized Steiner tree problem in general directed graphs. Expand
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Distinguishing string selection problems
This paper presents a collection of string algorithms that are at the core of several biological problems such as discovering potential drug targets, creating diagnostic probes, universal primers or unbiased consensus sequences. Expand
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DNACompress: fast and effective DNA sequence compression
While achieving the best compression ratios for DNA sequences, our new DNACompress program significantly improves the running time of all previous DNA compression programs. Expand
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An information-based sequence distance and its application to whole mitochondrial genome phylogeny
We present a sequence distance that works on unaligned sequences using the information theoretical concept of Kolmogorov complexity and a program to estimate this distance. Expand
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Patternhunter Ii: Highly Sensitive and Fast Homology Search
We extend the single optimized spaced seed of PatternHunter(20) to multiple ones, PatternHunter II approaches Smith-Waterman sensitivity, bringing homology search methodology research back to a full circle. Expand
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A compression algorithm for DNA sequences and its applications in genome comparison
We present a lossless compression algorithm, <italic>Gen-Compress</italic>, for DNA sequences, based on searching for approximate repeats. Expand
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