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Recommender systems have recently grown in popularity both in e-commerce and in research. However, there is little, if any, direct evidence in the literature of the value of recommender systems to e-Businesses, especially relating to consumer packaged goods (CPG) sold in a supermarket setting. We have been working in collaboration with LeShop(More)
We describe a recommender system in the domain of grocery shopping. While recommender systems have been widely studied, this is mostly in relation to leisure products (e.g. movies, books and music) with non-repeated purchases. In grocery shopping, however, consumers will make multiple purchases of the same or very similar products more frequently than(More)
Recommender systems estimate the conditional probability <i>P</i>(&#967;<i>j</i>|&#967;<i>i</i>) of item &#967;<i>j</i> being bought, given that a customer has already purchased item &#967;<i>i</i>. While there are different ways of approximating this conditional probability, the expression is generally taken to refer to the frequency of co-occurrence of(More)
— Performance evaluation via retrospective data is essential to the development of recommender systems. However , it is necessary to ensure that the evaluation results are representative of live, interactive behaviour. We present a case study of several common evaluation strategies applied to data from a live intervention. The intervention is designed as a(More)
I analyze a model of advice with two perfectly informed experts and one decision maker. Biases of experts are their private information. I show that consulting two experts is better than consulting just one. In the " peer review " mechanism, the second expert is given the power to block the first expert's report. It transmits information better than(More)
Keywords: laboratory automation • life science • special-purpose robots • wet lab Compared with manufacturing and service industries, the life science R&D industry in general is lagging behind in terms of utilizing large-scale industrial automation for productivity , capacity and quality improvements. Granted, the exploratory and dynamic nature of life(More)
The developments of simulation software for ultrasonic testing are reviewed in this paper. Power Research Institute) – are presented, including their theoretical backgrounds, simulation capabilities, applications, newest progresses. The simulation for ultrasonic testing plays an increasing role along with the developments of simulation software and computer(More)
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