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Recommender systems have recently grown in popularity both in e-commerce and in research. However, there is little, if any, direct evidence in the literature of the value of recommender systems to e-Businesses, especially relating to consumer packaged goods (CPG) sold in a supermarket setting. We have been working in collaboration with LeShop(More)
s —According to the practical logistic finance and theory study, the management of logistic finance risk is the key point which restricts its development. Combining with complexity and subjectivity of logistic finance project, this paper tries to apply structural equation theory to establish risk evaluation modeling, and tries to adopt simulated test to(More)
We describe a recommender system in the domain of grocery shopping. While recommender systems have been widely studied, this is mostly in relation to leisure products (e.g. movies, books and music) with non-repeated purchases. In grocery shopping, however, consumers will make multiple purchases of the same or very similar products more frequently than(More)
Recommender systems estimate the conditional probability <i>P</i>(&#967;<i>j</i>|&#967;<i>i</i>) of item &#967;<i>j</i> being bought, given that a customer has already purchased item &#967;<i>i</i>. While there are different ways of approximating this conditional probability, the expression is generally taken to refer to the frequency of co-occurrence of(More)
Performance evaluation via retrospective data is essential to the development of recommender systems. However, it is necessary to ensure that the evaluation results are representative of live, interactive behaviour. We present a case study of several common evaluation strategies applied to data from a live intervention. The intervention is designed as a(More)
The theory of algorithmic complexity or algorithmic information theory (commonly known as Kolmogorov complexity) is a novel mathematical approach combining the theory of algorithms with information theory. It resolves many long-standing questions, unresolvable by conventional mathematics , concerning mathematical notions of individual randomness,(More)
The developments of simulation software for ultrasonic testing are reviewed in this paper. Some typical softwares – CIVA(developed by French Atomic Energy Commission), simSUNDT(developed by Swedish Simulation Centre for NDT), Imagine3D(developed by Canadian UTEX Scientific Instruments Inc.), UTSIM(developed by Center for Nondestructive Evaluation of Iowa(More)
With the increasing number of IT projects, some problems have arisen during the project construction process. Some of these problems can be solved by introducing project auditing during the process. Based on the definition of IT project Lifecycle, we study the audit content during each stage of IT project lifecycle. The audit methodology and its application(More)
Can computers learn? Recent research on learning theory suggests that in an appropriate sense the answer to this question is aarmative. We take a peek at some learning theories our predecesors and ourselves have developed in the history of science. 1 1 Principle of Simplicity We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true and(More)
Shipping transfer is important mode in transportation. A real shipping transfer problem is put forward. A method for modeling, simulation and optimization of shipping transfer system (STS) are studied. The SIMPROCESS is efficient integrated development environment for developing regional (intercity) transportation simulation system (RTSS).
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