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A novel routing algorithm, namely dynamic XY (DyXY) routing, is proposed for NoCs to provide adaptive routing and ensure deadlock-free and livelock-free routing at the same time.A new router architecture is developed to support the routing algorithm.Analytical models based on queuing theory are developed for DyXY routing for a two-dimensional mesh NoC(More)
The number of molecular strands used by a molecular algorithm is an important measure of the algorithm's complexity. This measure is also called the volume used by the algorithm. In this thesis, we study volume bounded molecular computation in which the number of operations and the length of all DNA sequences are bounded by a polynomial in the length of the(More)
NONCODE (http://www.bioinfo.org/noncode/) is an integrated knowledge database dedicated to non-coding RNAs (excluding tRNAs and rRNAs). Non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) have been implied in diseases and identified to play important roles in various biological processes. Since NONCODE version 3.0 was released 2 years ago, discovery of novel ncRNAs has been promoted(More)
Cellulose synthase-like (CSL) proteins of glycosyltransferase family 2 (GT2) are believed to be involved in the biosynthesis of cell-wall polymers. The CSL D sub-family (CSLD) is common to all plants, but the functions of CSLDs remain to be elucidated. We report here an in-depth characterization of a narrow leaf and dwarf1 (nd1) rice mutant that shows(More)
BACKGROUND Nucleotide sequences and the gene arrangements of mitochondrial genomes are effective tools for resolving phylogenetic problems. Hemipteroid insects are known to possess highly reorganized mitochondrial genomes, but in the suborder Heteroptera (Insecta: Hemiptera), there was only one complete mitochondrial genome sequenced without gene(More)
Phylogenetic relationships among 15 species of wood mice (genus Apodemus) were reconstructed to explore some long-standing taxonomic problems. The results provided support for the monophyly of the genus Apodemus, but could not reject the hypothesis of paraphyly for this genus. Our data divided the 15 species into four major groups: (1) the Sylvaemus group(More)
With the growing popularity of cloud computing, huge amount of documents are outsourced to the cloud for reduced management cost and ease of access. Although encryption helps protecting user data confidentiality, it leaves the well-functioning yet practically-efficient secure search functions over encrypted data a challenging problem. In this paper, we(More)
Acclimatization to winter conditions is an essential prerequisite for survival of small passerines of the northern temperate zone. Changes in photoperiod, ambient temperature and food availability trigger seasonal acclimatization in physiology and behavior of many birds. In the present study, seasonal adjustments in several physiological, hormonal, and(More)