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Low-temperature solid state bonding method based on surface Cu–Ni alloying microcones
Abstract A low-temperature solid state bonding method based on surface Cu–Ni alloying microcones for potential application in 3D integration is introduced. Surface Cu–Ni alloying microcones wereExpand
Study on melt properties, microstructure, tensile properties of low Ag content Sn–Ag–Zn Lead-free solders
Sn–Ag solders have been regarded as the most promising solders to replace Sn–Pb solders in the future, but the reliability and cost issues limit its use. Therefore a low-Ag content Sn–Ag–Cu solder,Expand
Solid state diffusion between Sn and Cu microcones on Cu microcones
Abstract Theoretical study of solid state diffusion mechanism in low-temperature bonding method based on Cu microcones is reported. A Sn layer was electrodeposited on Cu microcones as well as flat CuExpand
On-chip coherent conversion of photonic quantum entanglement between different degrees of freedom
We introduce the transverse waveguide-mode degree of freedom to quantum photonic integrated circuits, and demonstrate the coherent conversion of a photonic quantum state between path, polarizationExpand
Disinfection of simulated ballast water by a flow-through electro-peroxone process
Abstract A flow-through electro-peroxone system (E-peroxone) consisting of electrolysis and ozonation was developed for the disinfection of two kinds of simulated ballast water. This technologyExpand
Diamagnetic response of metallic photonic crystals at infrared and visible frequencies.
We show analytically and numerically that diamagnetic response (effective magnetic permeability mue<1) at infrared and visible frequencies can be achieved in photonic crystals composed of metallicExpand
New diamond anvil cell system for in situ resistance measurement under extreme conditions
We report an alumina-encapsulated microcircuit on a diamond anvil for high-pressure and high-temperature electrical conductivity measurement. An alumina thin film was deposited on a diamond anvil asExpand
The extrinsic origins of high permittivity and its temperature and frequency dependence in Y0.5Ca0.5MnO3 and La1.5Sr0.5NiO4 ceramics
Recently, many charge-ordered compounds containing mixed-valence transition metal ions have been considered as possible multiferroics. Theoretically it has been proposed that charge (orbital)Expand
A Viscoelastic Model for the Rate Effect in Transfer Printing
Transfer printing is a volatile tool to retract micro devices from a donor substrate via elastomeric stamps, from which the devices are grown or fabricated, followed by printing to a receiverExpand