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The pharmacokinetics of cytotoxin from Chinese cobra (Naja naja atra) venom was studied in rabbits after i.v. and i.m. injection of 0.2 and 0.5 mg.kg-1, respectively. The plasma levels of the cytotoxin were analysed by a biotin-avidin enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The plasma concentration-time course after i.v. administration fitted a two-compartment(More)
The pharmacokinetics of cytotoxin 14 (CT 14) from Naja naja atra venom was studied with biotin-avidin enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The plasma concentration-time curve of CT 14 after bolus i.v. 0.2 mg.kg-1 into rabbits was found to fit a two-compartment open model. T1/2 alpha was 5.8 +/- 0.6 min and T1/2 beta was 3.5 +/- 0.2 h. A rapid absorption was(More)
  • M Guo
  • 1990
Correlation function and power spectrum analyses were made for ABR of 20 normal ears and 14 ears with retrocochlear lesions. Power spectrum of normal ABR had three peaks, F0, F1 and F2; their frequencies being 125, 552.5, 967.5Hz respectively; the spectrographic shapes were of good similitude. The curve of cross correlation function in normal ABR was(More)
Cytotoxin 14 (CT14) from Naja naja atra venom was labelled with 131I by chloramine-T method and its tissue distribution was studied in rats. The highest concentration of the cytotoxin was found in kidney, 5979 dpm per mg weight, 14 times more than that of the control animals, at 0.5 h after i.v. injection and high concentrations were found in liver, spleen,(More)
  • M Guo
  • 2001
OBJECTIVE To explore the effects of direct current on vibration of cochlear basilar membrane. METHODS A small hole with a diameter about 0.4 mm, which had the distance of 2.4 mm from round window niche, was made on cochlear basic turn of guinea pig for measuring the velocity of basilar membrane in vivo. On the superior and inferior edge of the measuring(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate correlation between phonetically balanced maximum (PB max) and pure tone auditory threshold in auditory neuropathy (AN) patients. METHODS One hundred and six AN patients were identified using multiple criteria including PB max, a metric for speech recognition, pure tone auditory threshold, acoustic emission test, distortion products(More)
The nm23 gene is a metastasis suppressor gene. There are now two known isotypes of human nm23, namely nm23-H1 and nm23-H2. Several investigators have reported that reduced expression of nm23-H1 is associated with metastasis or disease progression in some of the tumor cases. In this study, the expression of nm23-H1 mRNA in the human laryngeal squamous cell(More)
  • M Guo
  • 1990
In 31 glottic cancer specimens from partial laryngectomy, the histopathological findings were compared with vocal cord motility and 5-year survival rate. Among the 31 cases, 7 had ventricular involvements, in which 3 were transglottic tumors; 2 had had their framework destroyed. Eight cases had anterior commissure involvement. Only one had the tendon(More)
A technique combining the biotin-avidin amplifying system with sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (B-A-ELISA) was developed for the microassay of the cytotoxin from Naja naja atra venom. The horse-peroxidase was used as the marker and polystyrene microhemagglutination plates as solid carrier. The sensitivity was 0.5 ng.ml-1. The assay range was(More)
27 patients with bilateral vocal cord paralysis were treated in the First Clinical Medical College of Beijing Medical University, and all of them were followed up at least one year after treatment. According to the length of the vocal cord and the degree of the anterior angle of the thyroid cartilage, one of the three different surgical procedures would be(More)