Ming Jun Hu

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1 INTRODUCTION 1 High-resolution cloud-resolving numerical weather prediction (NWP) models have the potential to improve the short-term prediction of high-impact weather beyond extrapolation. The development of high-resolution non-hydrostatic models, the rapid increase of computer power, and the availability of full-precision radar data in real-time are(More)
A 50-m-grid-spacing Advanced Regional Prediction System (ARPS) simulation of the 8 May 2003 Oklahoma City tornadic supercell is examined. A 40-min forecast run on the 50-m grid produces two F3-intensity tornadoes that track within 10 km of the location of the observed long-track F4-intensity tornado. The development of both simulated tornadoes is analyzed(More)
A regional ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) system is established for potential Rapid Refresh (RAP) operational application. The system borrows data processing and observation operators from the gridpoint statistical interpolation (GSI), and precalculates observation priors using the GSI. The ensemble square root Kalman filter (EnSRF) algorithm is used, which(More)
[1] The ''Advanced Regional Prediction System'' forecast model is extended up to the stratopause and over the entire hemisphere to simulate gravity waves during 24 January 2005. With a 15-km horizontal resolution, the simulation produces dominant gravity wave features near Eastern Greenland that are associated mainly with orographic forcing by the Greenland(More)
BACKGROUND A national health literacy scale was developed in China in 2012, though no studies have validated it. In this investigation, we assessed the reliability, construct validity, and measurement invariance of that scale. METHODS A population-based sample of 3731 participants in Hunan Province was used to validate the Chinese Resident Health Literacy(More)
  • Yujie Pan, Kefeng Zhu, Ming Hu, Stanley G Benjamin, Stephen S Weygandt, Jeffrey S Whitaker
  • 2014
A coupled ensemble square root filter–three-dimensional ensemble-variational hybrid (EnSRF–En3DVar) data assimilation (DA) system is developed for the operational Rapid Refresh (RAP) forecasting system. The En3DVar hybrid system employs the extended control variable method, and is built on the NCEP operational gridpoint statistical interpolation (GSI)(More)
Milk lysozyme is the ubiquitous enzyme in milk of mammals. In this study, the cDNA sequence of a new chicken-type (c-type) milk lysozyme gene (YML), was cloned from yak mammary gland tissue. A 444 bp open reading frames, which encodes 148 amino acids (16.54 kDa) with a signal peptide of 18 amino acids, was sequenced. Further analysis indicated that the(More)
The field of live VM (virtual machine) migration has been a hotspot problem in green cloud computing. Live VM migration problem is divided into two research aspects: live VM migration mechanism and live VM migration policy. In the meanwhile, with the development of energy-aware computing, we have focused on the VM placement selection of live migration,(More)
This case report describes the diagnosis and endodontic therapy of maxillary fused second and third molars, using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT). A 31-year-old Chinese male, with no contributory medical or family/social history, presented with throbbing pain in the maxillary right molar area following an unsuccessful attempted tooth extraction.(More)