Ming-Jiun Wang

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In this paper, a novel edge pattern recognition (EPR) deinterlacing algorithm with successive 4-field enhanced motion detection is introduced. The EPR algorithm surpasses the performance of ELA-based and other conventional methods especially at textural scenes. In addition, the current 4-field enhanced motion detection scheme overcomes conventional motion(More)
This paper introduced a spatial-temporal contentadaptive algorithm, which can precisely select an appropriate interpolation technique for high-quality deinterlacing according to the spectral, edge-oriented and statistical features of local video content. Our algorithm employs a linear-phase statisticaladaptive vertical-temporal filter to deal with generic(More)
This paper presents a unified systolic architecture for inter and intra predictions in H.264/AVC decoder. To increase hardware utilization and minimize cost, we combine inter and intra predictions by a reprogrammable FIR filter, which is further implemented using systolic array. For intra prediction, the boundary pixels are reshuffled before feeding into(More)
This paper presents a new spatio-temporal motion estimation algorithm for video coding. The algorithm is based on optimization theory and consists of the strategies including 3D spatio-temporal motion vector prediction, modified one-at-a-time search scheme, and multiple update paths. The simulation results indicate our algorithm is better than other(More)