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Birth weight and subsequent risk of asthma: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
It is suggested that low birth weight (<2,500g) is associated with increased risk of asthma both in children and adults and may serve as a mediator between prenatal influences and later disease risk; but high birth weight (>4,000g) was not associated withincreasedrisk of asthma. Expand
Rural-Urban Differences of Dietary Patterns, Overweight, and Bone Mineral Status in Chinese Students
A rural-urban disparity in dietary patterns was found in the study, and different dietary patterns were associated with the risk of some adverse outcomes. Expand
Dietary Patterns and Overweight/Obesity: A Review Article
A prudent/healthy dietary pattern and limit intake of western/un healthy dietary pattern should be followed, which helps to keep a healthy body mass. Expand
The complete mitochondrial genome of Sus cebifrons (Sus, Suidae)
The complete mitochondrial genome sequence of the Sus cebifrons (Visayan warty pig) would provide new genetic resources for pig domestication study. Expand
Causal Inference Between Chronic Periodontitis and Chronic Kidney Disease: A Bidirectional Mendelian Randomization Analysis in a European Population
Evidence from the bidirectional causal inference does not support a causal relation between CP and CKD risk and therefore suggests that associations reported by previous observational studies may represent confounding. Expand