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According to the characteristic analysis of the LiFePO4 Li-ion battery, and aiming at the real-time identification of the model parameter, the battery model was established based on PNGV. The real-time identification of PNGV model parameter was achieved by fading memory delivery recursive least squares. The simulation results show that this method could(More)
Multicast, transmitting packets from one source to a group of destinations, is a popular service in Internet and now in the datacenter network. However, a unified multicast algorithm cannot satisfy the diverse performance requirements from different users. Hence customized multicast services are proposed in software defined networks (SDN) in this paper. We(More)
Chord is a common circular P2P model with high routing efficiency and stable data inquiring. This paper proposes the Hot-Chord algorithm according to the fact that hot resources have occupied the majority of searching in the P2P system. Hot-Chord algorithm constructs an inner chord dynamically by using the nodes which hot resources is locating, to decrease(More)