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Multicast, transmitting packets from one source to a group of destinations, is a popular service in Internet and now in the datacenter network. However, a unified multicast algorithm cannot satisfy the diverse performance requirements from different users. Hence customized multicast services are proposed in software defined networks (SDN) in this paper. We(More)
This paper presents a model of workflow-oriented virtual enterprise based on policy driven and multi-agent service composition. The cooperation of the members in virtual enterprise will be implemented through the dynamic composition and execution of the services, which is workflow-oriented. Each service has its own policies for selection of the suitable(More)
The influence of warm day and cool night conditions on induction of spikes in Phalaenopsis orchids has been studied with respect to photosynthetic efficiency, metabolic cycles and physiology. However, molecular events involved in spike emergence induced by warm day and cool night conditions are not clearly understood. We examined gene expression induced by(More)
Chord is a common circular P2P model with high routing efficiency and stable data inquiring. This paper proposes the Hot-Chord algorithm according to the fact that hot resources have occupied the majority of searching in the P2P system. Hot-Chord algorithm constructs an inner chord dynamically by using the nodes which hot resources is locating, to decrease(More)