Ming Jen Cheng

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A dual-targeted siRNA nanocarrier has been synthesized and validated that is selectively activated in environments where there is colocalization of two breast cancer hallmarks, elevated matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) activity and folate receptor overexpression. This siRNA nanocarrier is self-assembled from two polymers containing the same pH-responsive,(More)
We discuss the design and implementation of a receiver for the Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration based on a 12-pixel array of tungsten silicide superconducting nanowire single photon detectors. The receiver was used to close a software communication link from lunar orbit at 39 and 79 Mbps.
To be able to control devices by voice has always intrigued mankind. Today after intense research, Speech Recognition System, have made a niche for themselves and can be seen in many walks of life. The accuracy of Speech Recognition Systems remains one of the most important research challenges e. g. noise, speaker variability, language variability,(More)
Recognizing emotions from speech is a tuff task as we are not aware of the features which will accurately classify the emotions. This paper is an approach to show which speech feature classifies the emotions more accurately. The features compared here are Pitch and Formant while the classifier used is Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA). The database used in(More)
The emotional speech is considered as a prominent aspect in human speech communication. Emotional Speech based gender recognition has its efficacy in real world applications like biometrics, human computer related fields, voice synthesis etc. The goal of gender recognition is to extract the information from speech signal depending on speaker identity. The(More)
Two new metabolites, mollisinols A and B (1 and 2), and one first isolated from nature, mollisilactone (3), along with 13 known compounds (4–16), were isolated from the EtOAc-soluble fraction of the solid-state fermentation of the endophytic fungus Mollisia sp., derived from the root bark of Ardisia cornudentata Mez (Myrsinaceae). Their structures were(More)
This study treated 624 listed companies of non-finance and non-insurance industries in Taiwan, and analyzed the relation between derivative financial product hedging and corporate characteristics, as well as the factors influencing hedging decision-making and hedging tool selection. This study is based on event history analysis to deal with the issues of(More)
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