Ming-Hwa Chan

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For the purpose of deterring unauthorized duplication and distribution of multimedia contents, a seller may insert a unique digital watermark into each copy of the multimedia contents to be sold. When an illegal replica is found in the market sometime later, the seller can determine the responsible distributor by examining the watermark embedded. However,(More)
In this paper, we prapase a novel algorifhm based on the Hopfield neural nehvark (H”) and apply it fo the recognition af blurredplate numbers. For a blurred plate number with m characters, the proposed algorifhm takes competitions in pairs for each given pattern a/ m graups by using the H”. The won numbers of given pafteins of m graups can be obtained.(More)
The crime of stolen vehicle in the metro city has rise now a days, to track the stolen vehicle the cops required the help of automatic Number Plate recognition (ANR). The use of ANR are not limited to the track stolen car but many more like automatic car parking system, automatic toll collection system etc. but the ANR system has many issues in(More)
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