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Recently, social media has become important for social networking and content sharing. Twitter, an online social network, allows users to upload short text messages, also known as tweets, with up to 140 characters. A lot of people use sentiment analysis on Twitter to do opinion mining. People choose Twitter because Twitter serves as a good platform for(More)
The demand for rail transportation in North America is expected to increase significantly in the coming decades. Additional capacity will be required to accommodate the new traffic demand for both passenger and freight services. The majority of the network is single track with passing sidings, which trains use for meets and passes; therefore, allocating(More)
We present an alternative scheme for determining the frequencies of cesium (Cs) atom 6S-8S Doppler-free transitions. With the use of a single electro-optical crystal, we simultaneously narrow the laser linewidth, lock the laser frequency, and resolve a narrow spectrum point by point. The error budget for this scheme is presented, and we prove that the(More)
With 3D stacking design, high-performance low-power complex design is practical. However, due to the high design costs and extensive design efforts, 3D technology is not broadly adopted. For 3D stacking designs, most chip failures are due to power supply problems of voltage drop and noisy voltage. A feasible low-cost 3D stacking design method is proposed.(More)
taught English in her home country, Taiwan, for four years and worked as a volunteer in Panama as a Chinese language instructor for a year. She enjoys doing community work in her free time and views it as a way to connect with people on daily basis. Her research interest is the involvement of NGOs in emancipatory women's literacy programs. Ming currently is(More)
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