Ming-Hsuan Wu

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1 We present a method to analytically compute the light distribution of triangles directly in frequency space. This allows for fast evaluation, shading and propagation of light from 3D mesh objects using angular spectrum methods. The algorithm complexity is only dependant on the hologram resolution and the polygon count of the 3D model. In contrast to other(More)
Recently, social media has become important for social networking and content sharing. Twitter, an online social network, allows users to upload short text messages, also known as tweets, with up to 140 characters. A lot of people use sentiment analysis on Twitter to do opinion mining. People choose Twitter because Twitter serves as a good platform for(More)
The demand for rail transportation in North America is expected to increase significantly in the coming decades. Additional capacity will be required to accommodate the new traffic demand for both passenger and freight services. The majority of the network is single track with passing sidings, which trains use for meets and passes; therefore, allocating(More)
We present an alternative scheme for determining the frequencies of cesium (Cs) atom 6S-8S Doppler-free transitions. With the use of a single electro-optical crystal, we simultaneously narrow the laser linewidth, lock the laser frequency, and resolve a narrow spectrum point by point. The error budget for this scheme is presented, and we prove that the(More)
Preface The research on spanning trees has been one of the most important areas in algorithm design. People who are interested in algorithms will find this book informative and inspiring. The new results are still accumulating, and we try to make clear the whole picture of the current status and future developments. This book is written for graduate or(More)
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