Ming-Hsiu Tsai

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In general, the vision-based methods for vehicle detec-tion/tracking may face the problems of illumination variation, shadows, or swaying trees. In this study, we propose a novel vehicle detection method without background modeling to overcome the aforementioned problems. First, a modified block-based frame differential method is established to quickly(More)
Ellagic acid (EA) is able to inhibit the growth of several cancer cells; however, its effect on human ovarian carcinoma cells has not yet been investigated. Ovarian carcinoma ES-2 and PA-1 cells were treated with EA (10~100  μ M) and assessed for viability, cell cycle, apoptosis, anoikis, autophagy, and chemosensitivity to doxorubicin and their molecular(More)
Benchmarking philosophy was applied to construction management process reengineering so that process managers can reengineer processes by learning the best-practice company's process. For this purpose, this paper addressed the process adaptability evaluation method to assist managers determining the best-to-learn process from the best-practice companies. By(More)
The fast-tracking delivery method has received considerable attention over the last decade because of its time saving feature depending on overlapping of phases of a project. However, to implement the fast-tracking construction, not only the overlapping relationship between design and construction phases, but also the estimating the reduction of the(More)
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