Ming-Hsien Chen

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BACKGROUND Being relocated to an assisted living facility can result in sleep disturbances and depression in elders. This may be attributed to or worsened by lack of regular physical activity. Appropriate exercise programs may be an important component of quality of life in this group of transitional frail elders. PURPOSE This study aimed to test the(More)
BACKGROUND Sleep disturbances, depression, and low perception of health status are commonly seen in elderly population; however, clinicians tend to underestimate or overlook the presence of these symptoms and assume them to be a part of normal aging. Non-pharmacological methods that promote a mind-body interaction should be tested to enhance the mental(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Promoting physical fitness of young-older adults is essential in reducing healthcare expenditures which would occur in the future for those with chronic health problems. The silver yoga exercise programme was developed to accommodate the reduced body flexibility experienced by many older adults and was critically reviewed by experts and(More)
The vehicle routing problem VRP is a well-known combinatorial optimization problem. It has been studied for several decades because finding effective vehicle routes is an important issue of logistic management. This paper proposes a new hybrid algorithm based on two main swarm intelligence SI approaches, ant colony optimization ACO and particle swarm(More)
To induce critical classification rules from observed data is a major task in biological and medical research. A classification rule is considered to be useful if it is optimal and simultaneously satisfies three criteria: is highly accurate, has a high rate of support, and is highly compact. However, current classification methods, such as rough set theory,(More)